I play music in my free time, mainly electronic organs. Here you can find a few recordings which are not that good but pretty ok I guess.

Brandenburg Concerto 2 Movement 1
Brandenburg Concerto 2 Movement 1

Not played by me, just edited and synthesized with the amazing Aeolus pipe organ synthesizer.

There is more on my YouTube channel, but nothing worth mentioning.

The first organ I owned was a Yamaha B-10BR. It can be seen in the third video. Eventually I gave it to a friend of mine, after I got my second organ, a Technics SX-U90. The SX-U series were the last fully analog organs built by Technics, and the U90 was the top-of-the line model. But being from the early 80s, it had certainly seen better days, and after I got my third organ in 2014 I had to get rid of it. My third and current organ is a Technics SX-GA3, one of the last organs ever produced by Technics, and even though it is from 1994, it is still a very nice organ to play. I had to do some minor things though, like replacing the encoder in the left panel and replacing the floppy drive with a USB floppy emulator.